New Product Development: From Chinese Medicine to Super Food (04/’19)

October 2018, we launched a project to develop organic black garlic. Black garlic is available in bulb, as a paste and powder. Great for various food applications.

By exposing unpeeled fresh garlic to heat and humidity for 90 to 120 days, the garlic turns black and soft, providing it its distinguished flavour. Due to the complexity in production, it’s a highly uncommon ingredient to find on the market.

The fermented garlic has some nutritional differences from traditional garlic. The product has high concentrations of Alicin, but doesn’t have the typical strong garlic smell.

Yet, the intense taste has a certain acidity and is slightly sweet with a softened garlic flavour. Therefore it goes well with Asian food and becomes popular as an ingredient for fusion cuisine in the West.

We currently supply (organic) black garlic in bulb, (organic) black garlic single cloves, (organic) black garlic paste and (organic) black garlic powder.

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