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Spice Services (ESS)

Distribution partner in Europe for food safe herbs, spices and dehydrated vegetables.

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Spice Services (CSS)

Sourcing partner for conventional & organic dehydrated vegetables, spices and capsicums from China.

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EKO Service (EKO)

Toll processing partner and provider of warehousing, supply chain & distribution solutions.

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Why us?

Each of our products are sourced from selected quality
vendors in country of origin.

European Spice Services: Since its incorporation in 2003, the company has grown into one of Europe’s leading players in garlic, onion, herbs and spices. We offer European clients door-to-door shipments or provide combined distribution solutions for a large selection of products.

China Spice Services Ltd: Established in 2008, as a subsidiary of European Spice Services, CSS has several offices within China. With focus on strict quality measures, market reading, we source conventional & organic garlic, onion, bell pepper and other dehydrated vegetables, spices and capsicums from the major growing areas in China. We regularly share market intelligence, product- and industry know-how in order to cooperate on the long term.

Eko Service: Acquired in 2012, the toll processing plant has a production capacity of 4.000Mt per annum. With its 5.000m2 warehouses and a strategic location between Brussels and Antwerp, the facility also functions as a distribution centre.


At the core of our business stategy

Our high-level purpose is to secure the future of food-safe ingredients and their surrounding social and environmental systems, for the benefit of new generations and a more sustainable world.

With that objective in mind, we are committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing high-quality products, supply chain solutions, product & market expertise, while having a clearer sustainability vision towards 2030.

This means that we conduct our business responsibly and our operations have a positive impact in the people and environment associated to them. This is the vision that we want to achieve by 2030.


For that purpose, we have defined 3 pillars and a set of values that will allow us to keep our activities under the right scope and collaborate with our suppliers in a transparent and accountable manner.

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