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Our Story

The Story behind our Spice Family


Raf Nonneman established “Raf Nonneman Business Development”, a trading company providing direct shipments from origin for herbs and spices.


European Spice Services was established, covering a larger range of products. Gradually various dehydrated vegetables and capsicums entered the product range.


With a quick growth in demand for Chinese spices and AD vegetables, ESS established a sourcing office China Spice Services (CSS) in China. Quality inspection and supply chain developments became central values. Soon after, CSS became an international sales office for global sales.


ESS acquired EKO service, with strategic location near Brussels.


ESS expanded its warehouses in Ghislenghien (Gellingen) to keep ready-to-ship stocks for the European market.


Olivier Nonneman, next generation of the owners, joined CSS in Shanghai. Under the wings of General Manager Geraldine Zhu, he strengthens the ties with China and develops better supply of food safe garlic, onion, bell pepper , spices, and dehy vegetables. His main focus lays on Asia Pacific and other emerging markets.


25% of our top 3 products (garlic, bell pepper and chillies) will be sourced in a sustainable manner.