Afforestation- & Reforestation (update 06/’19)

Together with its local vendors, CSS and ESS have a policy in place protect existing forests, but also to regenerate forests. As a goal of this policy, we will make sure that the production each commodity does not contribute to deforestation. Simple measures and engagement from various colleagues, we even aim to plant new trees in West China.

China, a country notorious for its polluted air, waterways, and coal-fired power plants, is quickly changing. Since 2014, China declared war on pollution and deforestation. With its latest reforestation program, China has planted enough trees in 2018 to cover an area the size of Ireland.

A half-century policy of forest exploitation in China has led to badly eroded lands, resulted in loss of natural habitats, extinction for of over 200 plant species and severe reduction of habitat for local wildlife. Forests currently cover about 21.7% of the country. That figure is set to increase to 26% by 2035. To preserve its forests, China has implemented policies intended to prevent local governments from engaging in construction near forests, rivers, and national parks.

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